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Let it be known now that this page will, from time to time, be used to share my ideas and thoughts about the insanity of alarmists and climate change.

I didn’t become a skeptic overnight, but my reasoning for adhering to the skeptic community line of thought, is because I have not found a single shred of evidence supporting man-made global warming.

Not one.

So, with that being said, welcome to my blog.

Todays topic to debunk will be :

‘Droughts In the Alps’

In a article published by Jeremy Allen at, the following was quoted as saying:

“Agroscope, a government research group that carries out research on matters related to agriculture and the environment for the Swiss authorities, this week revealed the dramatic impacts climate change is expected to have on the country.

The group expects that between now and 2050, rainfall in the country will diminish by 20 percent. This in turn will reduce the amount of water in the soil and could halve crop yields in Switzerland.

Agroscope published a map of Switzerland on the Internet on Tuesday showing that currently just over a quarter of Switzerland’s agricultural land already experiences long periods of drought, which contributes to loss of crop yields.

“If you look at climate projections for the end of this century, you could have a 2003 summer every year, and we are heading towards that,” Jürg Fuhrer, head of Agroscope’s research group on air pollution and climate, told Swisster.”

Bullshit, bullshit and more bullshit.

The above caption is a reprint of a NYT post from 1920.

From the looks of it, the drought of 1920 seemed far worse than 2003, but hey, this is what we expect from  alarmists. Especially a governmental one .

Caption provided by a July 1921 article, courtesy of

Here, in this above caption, we have evidence that houses once stood on posts in the bottom of muddy lake beds seven thousand years ago.

I wonder if any Swiss of todays modern age ever had the chance to do that.

And what started my rant for the day comes from an October Issue of Popular Science:

While there seemed to be a story here regarding sunspots and droughts and 20 year cycles, I chose to go in the debunked direction, due to the fact I had to blow a little steam and I thought the story about how a Gov’t agency is willing to sell its self to its people as an agency looking to help and provide assurances to , but doing so in a way that is full of deceit and political spin.

All in the name of climate change.. WUWU !

Well, this ends todays rant. I hope everyone enjoyed it as much as I did putting it together.

One story debunked regarding climate change. Just another several thousand to go.

Good Day !


2 responses to “Climate

  1. Roger Carr April 13, 2010 at 3:30 am

    Ah… David… think of poor benighted Australia. Why just yesterday (or perhaps 12 months ago) our cities were drying up; our forests and crops were drying up; the land was blowing away… We were declared at the end of the line. It was certain: the desert was upon us.

    Today… mmm… “soggy” is a fairly apt description of our land…

    Rant on! Your world needs you.

  2. Harold Pierce Jr April 11, 2011 at 2:58 am

    You should check out the following ref’s which show the earth has a ca 60 yr climate cycle.

    “Climate Change and Long-term Fluctuations of Commercial Catches: The Possibilty of Forecasting” by K.B. Klyashtorin

    FAO Fisheries Technical Report. No. 410. Rome, FAO. 2001

    Available at:

    By analyzing climate data and fish catch data, Klashtorin found the earth has a general climate cycle of 55-60 years.

    Note date of publication. Was this report passed onto the IPCC?

    “Cyclic Climate Changes and Fish Productivity” by K.B. Klashtorin and A.A. Lyubshin, which you can download for free thru this link:

    NB: This mongraph is 224 pages. This book is not about climate science. The Russian edition was published in 2005. The English translation was published in 2007 and was edited by Gary D Sharp.

    By analyzing a number of time series of data influenced by climate, they found that the earth has global climate cycles of 50-70 years with an average of about 60 years and which have cool and warm phases of 30 years each. They summerize most of the studies thru early 2005 that show how this cycle influences fish catches in the major fisheries.

    The last warm phase began in ca 1970-75 (aka the Great Shift) and ended in ca 2000. The global warming from ca 1975 is due in part to this warm phase. A cool phase started in 2000, and their stochastic model projects that it should last about 30 years. See Fig 2.23 p 54.

    See also Fig. 2.22 (p. 52) and Table 2 (p. 53). They show that increasing world fuel consumption (i.e., increasing CO2 emission) does not correlate with cool and warm phases of the 60 year global climate cycle. That is to say, they show that increasing CO2 concentration in the air does cause global warming.

    Was the IPCC aware of this seminal monograph and the climate projections made by the authors that are in conflict with their projections of warming?

    Were the white-coated wiseguys aware of the Russian’s work? Probably not, but they should have known.

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