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Jan 2nd 2014

2/2/14 Image of the region located around Mertz Glacier, Mawson Hut, and the stranded Akademik Shokalskiy. Image Provided by NASA EOSDIS Worldview

Hopefully, most of you have been following the story at WUWT  about  the Russion research vessel Shokalskiy,   that has been stranded in sea-ice since Christmas Eve. If not, you can read what I wrote about it here and here After the Shokalskiy had been unable to be freed by numerous attempts, an airlift of the passengers was undertaken 8 days after being stuck in sea-ice.

A team of scientists lead by Chris Turney, had been attempting to follow a century old expedition that was led by Sir Douglas Mawson into the Antarctic, south of Australia.  The expedition was known as the Australia Antarctic Expedition 1911-1914.  This expedition bares the same name, but there is hardly any similarity between the two. Armed with a science team of on-board and on-shore scientists, college grads doing post-graduate work, friends, family, journalists and anyone else wanting to cough up the tens of thousands of dollars, set off for Antarctica to:

“…truly meld science and adventure, repeating century old measurements to discover and communicate the changes taking place in this remote and pristine environment.” – AAE Expedition Aim

The story I write tonight is about Chris Turney and how he is attempting to disguise how inept he is, and hopefully I can prove that. Because Turney veers away from the expeditions aim to ‘discover and communicate’, into a more of a ‘ hide and obfuscate’ aim.

I’ll tell you why I think so. Or better yet, I’ll show you.

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Aurora Australis fails to rescue the Akademik Shokalskiy

The Greens have lost their minds


view from the stern of the Aurora Australis.

Its been five days since the Akademik Shokalskiy got stuck in heavy ice-pack near Mertz Glacier in the Antarctic.

Since that time, 3 ships have attempted to rescue the Akademik Shokalskiy, and all 3 had to turn back to open waters.

Current conditions at the rescue site has low visibility due to low laying fog.

The Captain of the Australis says:

“The ice became too thick for us to penetrate. Some of the floes are up to two metres of ice with a metre of snow on top and very compact.

“There was just nowhere for us to go.”

“It was pushing those same types of floes in behind us.”

“If we got into that compact stuff it would have sealed us in, we would have lost our manoeuvreability and we wouldn’t have been much use to anybody.

“Having been caught in ice before, I know by experience when to get out. I didn’t want to add to the drama, instead of being part of the solution.”

“We had no visibility so we couldn’t really see if there was a way through.”

So what does Chris Turney, the leader of the expedition, do while the Australis was attempting to free them from the ice-pack.

He tweets,”It’s so warm, it’s actually raining.”

Excuse me? WTF?

Chris can’t tweet about the fog, or the fact the ship there to save them is in retreat, or the 55km winds buffeting the area.

No…. he tweets its raining. I think Turney must be delirious.

Then of course is the little side humor coming from the Australis.

Someone got out onto the deck of the Australis and wrote into the snow on the deck…. now get this.. GREEN…

Someone has a sense of humor. I have got to talk to whoever did that.

What A Difference A Century Makes

What A Difference A Century Makes


In this image provided by Australasian Antarctic Expedition, Russian ship MV Akademik Shokalskiy is trapped in thick Antarctic ice 1,500 nautical miles south of Hobart, Australia, Friday, Dec. 27, 2013. (AP Photo / Australasian Antarctic Expedition, Chris Turney)

Could a century old expedition to the uncharted lands of the Antarctic participate in the further unraveling of catastrophic man-made global warming?

Some of you may have already picked up on the struggles of a Russian research vessel getting caught up in thick ice-pack in the Antarctic. I had first heard of the story, having been reported from ABC News in Australia here.  Near the end of the article, Russell Goldman wrote,

“Of the 57 souls on board, 22 are crewmen and 35 are passengers. The ship cruised to the site of a 1911-1914 expedition of British explorer Sir Douglas Mawson.”

So, being curious where this ship might have been caught up in the ice-pack, I decided to read a little bit into Sir Douglas Mawson and this site that the current cruise ship was supposedly at. As luck would have it, I stumbled across a Book that Mawson wrote about his expedition to the Antarctic. The book is called, “The Home of the Blizzard- Being the story of the Australasian Antarctic Expedition, 1911-1914.” If you have time, I suggest everyone read the book. But for now, I just want to show a portion of the book, regarding Mawsons account of Cape Denison, the location he used to build what is now known as the Mawson huts and what I assume is the location of the stranded cruise ship. Mawson writes,

“The main body of the archipelago was found to be separated by a mile and a half from the mainland. A point which struck us at the time was that the islets situated on the southern side of the group were capped by unique masses of ice; resembling iced cakes. Later we were able to see them in process of formation. In the violent southerly hurricanes prevalent in Adelie Land, the spray breaks right over them. Part of it is deposited and frozen, and by increments the icing of these monstrous “cakes” is built up. The amount contributed in winter makes up for loss by thawing in midsummer. As the islets to windward shelter those in their lee, the latter are destitute of these natural canopies.

Soundings were taken at frequent intervals with a hand lead-line, manipulated by Madigan. The water was on the whole shallow, varying from a few to twenty fathoms. The bottom was clothed by dense, luxuriant seaweed. This rank growth along the littoral was unexpected, for nothing of the kind exists on the Ross Sea coasts within five or six fathoms of the surface.

Advancing towards the mainland, we observed a small islet amongst the rocks, and towards it the boat was directed. We were soon inside a beautiful, miniature harbour completely land-locked. The sun shone gloriously in a blue sky as we stepped ashore on a charming ice-quay — the first to set foot on the Antarctic continent between Cape Adare and Gaussberg, a distance of one thousand eight hundred miles.

Wild and I proceeded to make a tour of exploration. The rocky area at Cape Denison, as it was named, was found to be about one mile in length and half a mile in extreme width. Behind it rose the inland ice, ascending in a regular slope and apparently free of crevasses — an outlet for our sledging parties in the event of the sea not firmly freezing over. To right and left of this oasis, as the visitor to Adelie Land must regard the welcome rock, the ice was heavily crevassed and fell sheer to the sea in cliffs, sixty to one hundred and fifty feet in height. Two small dark patches in the distance were the only evidences of rock to relieve the white monotony of the coast.

In landing cargo on Antarctic shores, advantage is generally taken of the floe-ice on to which the materials can be unloaded and at once sledged away to their destination. Here, on the other hand, there was open water, too shallow for the ‘Aurora’ to be moored alongside the ice-foot. The only alternative was to anchor the ship at a distance and discharge the cargo by boats running to the ideal harbour we had discovered. Close to the boat harbour was suitable ground for the erection of a hut, so that the various impedimenta would have to be carried only a short distance. For supplies of fresh meat, in the emergency of being marooned for a number of years, there were many Weddell seals at hand, and on almost all the neighbouring ridges colonies of penguins were busy rearing their young.64

As a station for scientific investigations, it offered a wider field than the casual observer would have imagined. So it came about that the Main Base was finally settled at Cape Denison, Commonwealth Bay.

We arrived on board at 8 P.M., taking a seal as food for the dogs. Without delay, the motor-launch was dropped into the water, and both it and the whale-boat loaded with frozen carcasses of mutton, cases of eggs and other perishable goods.

While some of us went ashore in the motor-launch, with the whale-boat in tow, the ‘Aurora’ steamed round the Mackellar Islets seeking for a good anchorage under the icy barrier, immediately to the west of the boat harbour. The day had been perfect, vibrant with summer and life, but towards evening a chill breeze sprang up, and we in the motor-launch had to beat against it. By the time we had reached the head of the harbour, Hoadley had several fingers frost-bitten and all were feeling the cold, for we were wearing light garments in anticipation of fine weather. The wind strengthened every minute, and showers of fine snow were soon whistling down the glacier. No time was lost in landing the cargo, and, with a rising blizzard at our backs, we drove out to meet the ‘Aurora’.”

This is a map of the Antarctic as Mawson knew it (As seen in the book, Home of the Blizzard)

This is a map of the Antarctic as Mawson knew it (As seen in the book, Home of the Blizzard)

There is so much information having been  wrote here, that I force myself to focus on the part I highlighted. Mawson writes that they usually unpack onto the ice-floe and sled it in, but because of the open water, they used a smaller boat to bring their gear to shore.

It was at this juncture I thought I felt I had some evidence to suggest the location of our stranded cruise/research ship. I must now switch gears and discuss what is happening in the here and now, with this stranded ship I was discussing earlier.

The ship in question is the Russian passenger ship MV Akademik Shokalskiy. From Expeditions Online they write, “The Akademik Shokalskiy is a fully ice-strengthened expedition vessel built in 1984 for polar and oceanographic research. This class of vessel is world renowned for polar exploration, because of its strength, maneuverability and small passenger numbers.” On a side note, they also write,”NOTE TO NEWS REPORTERS: Expeditions Online is NOT the operator for this vessel but is an independent polar booking agent for this and many other expedition ships.” That got a giggle out of me. They are already covering their ass!

The only report I could find Christmas night coming from this expedition, was from one of the scientists on board. His name is Chris Turney. Chris Turney wrote on his twitter page,”We’re in the ice like the explorers of old! All are well and spirits are high. Happy Christmas from the AA…”

Now, if some of you haven’t been following the story, well, not a lot had been known. The media either knew little, or those that did know, weren’t writting about it. It hadn’t been until  Friday that several stories were been published. As of this moment, almost every news agency is reporting about it. And they are all nearly writing the same thing. The Russian vessel is stuck and 2 of the 3 Icebreakers can’t reach the stranded vessel. Both the Chinese icebreaker SnowDragon, and the French icebreaker L’Astrolabe, had to break off their rescue mission and are on standy by. The Australian icebreaker Aurora Australis is currently another day away, but speculation is that even it won’t be able to break through either. L’Astrolabe and Aurora Australis are both LR 1A Super Icebreakers. I imagine that if one 1A icebreaker can’t get through, another one can’t either. Also, it was just a little over a month ago that the Aurora Australis itself was caught in heavy ice-pack, 180 miles from shore near Davis Station, Antarctica. It took nearly 3 weeks to get unstuck. That is another story that seemed to have got passed by MSM.

So, to this point, what do we know. The Akademik Shokalskiy is stuck near Cape Denison, and 2 of 3 Icebreakers have been unable to dislodge it from the seas frozen grasp. We also know that the ship is following the Douglas Mawson expedition of 1911-1914. Or did they?

After some further research, I came upon this website, The Spirit of Mawson. The very first paragraph is quoted as saying,

“The Antarctic remains one of the last great unexplored regions on Earth. In spite of a century of discovery, Antarctica and the Southern Ocean remain a unique place to monitor the health of our planet. The Australasian Antarctic Expedition – the AAE – will truly meld science and adventure, repeating century old measurements to discover and communicate the changes taking place in this remote and pristine environment.”

Then directly underneath this paragraph,  is a graph displaying what they call a Live Expedition Tracker.

AAE 2013

When we zoom into the graph, we can see that in fact, the expedition had already visited the Mawson huts and are now actually

AAE 2013 Cape Denison

Their current location

Current location of stranded ship.

Now, of course, I was intrigued. Had they actually been to the harbour at the Mawson hut, without any obstruction of sea ice, and continued east and got stuck, or is there something else going on here. I had to research a little more.

Chris Turney blogs at SpiritofMawson, “Following our successful visit to Cape Denison, sea ice remained clear, allowing our science expedition to proceed to the Mertz Glacier and open water polynya on the other side of Commonwealth Bay.” He says they had a successful visit, but upon further review, I think he is being a little misleading. While they had a couple teams reach Cape Denison, it was in the manner they reached there.


The vehicle that got the teams to Mawson Hut

Turney is quoted as saying,

“We set off at 0630 on the morning of the 19 December with excitement and some trepidation. Would we make it to Mawson’s Hut? I dared to hope but knew we faced all manner of challenges. We had some 65 kilometres of uncharted sea ice to navigate, with jumbled surfaces and tidal cracks to negotiate. The sky was cloudy and promised no warmth. And yet morale was high. We were giving it a go. With Greg waving us off, we took off with the tracked Argo in the lead, the vehicles packed with the team members and gear.”

No, they had not reached Mawson Hut by ship, but by Argo! Some 40 miles from their destination, they unloaded their ATVs and trekked the last 65 km to reach their destination. If this is what Turney considers a successful visit, I think we can only agree that it was a partial success.

A true success would have been to arrive their in a ship. Just like Mawson did.

Well, I wouldn’t have expected a clear disclosure from this team.

The purpose of the expedition, as Andrew Peacock, doctor/photographer for the expedition put it, “Our expedition will be ‘monitoring the health of the planet’ by trying to gauge the changes since Mawson’s time. We will be repeating the measurements made by Mawson’s team – with observations of the ocean, wildlife, weather, geology and ice cover.”

I can’t help but reflect how this story so closely resembles another bungled expedition. Some of you may remember the PR stunt known as ‘Row To The Pole.’ In their attempt to reach the North Pole, via a rowing boat, they had first said they had reached the north pole. A first of its kind. But later, as investigative journalists discovered, the row boat had for most of the last leg to reach their destination, had been towed by hand, and that they hadn’t traveled to the North Pole, but to a location of magnetic north from 1995. They later corrected their claims, but by then, many media outlets had already hoisted them as heros and claimed the feat as a result of global warming.

Lets see now what comes from this story. I will keep you up to date as the information comes in. Until then, lets pay our respects to Sir Douglas Mawson and his successful  attempt to Cape Denison and the further discovers he made 100 years ago.


Sir Douglas Mawson

Happy Holidays !

Alan Bryant

Where Exactly Is Magnetic North ?

Where Exactly Is Magnetic North ?

Some may remember a story last year about a group of men
engaged in a media event known as,”Row To The Pole.” The original sub-heading(via wayback) at Old Polteney’s official website  is/was  quoted as saying, ”Jock will be leading a small crew in a world’s first attempt to Row to the Magnetic North Pole.”

Fortunately, they didn’t have to go that far. But they didn’t bother to tell anyone either. It wasn’t until after some major news outlets published this supposedly impossible feat that Josh & Co. changed their tune. Today, that same websites’ sub-heading is quoted as saying.”Jock will be leading a small crew in a world’s first attempt to Row to the 1996 position of the Magnetic North Pole.” (Notice that all they did was paste ‘1996 position of the’ in between ‘the’ and ‘Magnetic’.)

Figure 1

Following the story throughout was WUWT.  As you can see in Figure 1, the crew of “Row To The Pole” wasn’t anywhere near the North Pole or Magnetic North. They were off by over 700+ km.  For many, the story ended here. Wishart, for his part, aided Climate Change fanatics in pronouncing the dangers of Anthropogenic Global Warming, and the media did their best to look the other way.

I only bring this story up to segue into a more concerning matter. The matter of confusion as to the location of Magnetic North. My post is not about a polar shift or a conspiracy. I found it necessary to post that two sets of  data from the International Geomagnetic Reference Field seem to question the location of the magnetic pole. Using 2 different generations of references, the speed of drift are identical and the distances are identical, but one set of data is 80km further than the other. But don’t take my word for it. Continue reading.

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Following The Trail of Nonsense

Thames flooding isn’t rising, long-term records show!

Or  It’s Just A Shame We Can’t Hide The Decline…… Again !


Men of science that support ‘climate change’ use unethical and deceitful rhetoric in order to maintain the control and flow of money to support the biggest scam in the history of Western Civilization.

One man in particular is Terry Marsh.

In 1991, Terry Marsh supported this supposed fact from UK Groundwater:

“Another effect of climate change is likely to be rising sea levels. These may lead to the loss of groundwater resources in very low-lying coastal areas, as sea water can flow into the aquifers and mix with the fresh water.”

In 1997, Terry Marsh of the Institute of Hydrology, was quoted in the Independent (in regards to severe droughts) as saying:

“If you asked me whether I’d bet on it being climate change, then I would – because that doesn’t require me to be scientific. Our climate is inherently capricious, but lately it does seem to have been moving towards the extremes of its range.”

In 2008, The Environment Agency commissioned Terry Marsh, Lead Scientist at the Centre for Ecology & Hydrology (CEH) to publish findings regarding Climate Change. The CEH is a division of NERC( Natural Environmental Research Council), an annual billion dollar (annually) failed British government entity. The CEH published these findings, regarding climate change:

The key findings from this new research are:

  • Sea level rise in the Thames over the next century due to thermal expansion of the oceans, melting glaciers and polar ice is likely to be between 20cm and 90cm.
  • There remains much uncertainty over the contribution of polar ice melt to increasing sea level rise. At the extreme, it may cause sea level to rise by a total of up to 2 metres (including thermal expansion).
  • Climate change is less likely to increase storm surge height and frequency in the North Sea than previously thought.
  • Future peak freshwater flows for the Thames, at Kingston for instance, could increase by around 40% by 2080.

So what we have is Terry Marsh, supporting Climate Change, using extreme language in regards to sea level rise, polar ice melt and flooding. Marsh even went as far as saying that he could say that without even being scientific.

All the while being the lead scientific member of the CEH, a division of NERC that the British gov’t gives a billion dollars to annually. ANNUALLY !

Yet here we are in 2012 and the British media is turning away from Climate Change.

So it’s no wonder that Terry Marsh has changed his tune. quite possibly to save face and any funding his precious department receives.

In the March 6th Edition of PsyOrg.Com, Terry Marsh sounds like he is doing the Climate Change Two-Step. 

The Articles headline starts off with this message:

Events of the last few decades give the impression that major floods are becoming more common, but looking at the UK’s longest-running series of river-level measurements over 60 years or longer shows this isn’t the case.

Marsh went on to say:

“The records show that the frequency of river floods fluctuates over a long cycle. Looking over the past 30 or 40 years suggests flood risk is rising, but that’s largely because we’ve been in a flood-rich part of the cycle. Using a longer historical perspective, there is little evidence of any compelling long-term trend.”

There is no mention of climate change, there is no mention of, ‘Oh, i was wrong. I’m so sorry for lying to the public for 20 years.’ There is no mention of any alarming study.

For 20 years, Marsh supported the risks of floods and rising sea water in the UK as Climate Change Enhanced and got paid millions to do so.

Then as if none of what he supported matters, tells PhyOrg that the current trend, using over 100 year data, that the flow of water and sea level in the UK is a natural phenomena.

The only relevant wording to continue an alarming stance was the one by the author of the story, Tom Marshall. All Tom could muster was these words:

None of this is a reason to become complacent about the risk of floods. This research only covers those caused by overflowing rivers, and not other kinds such as urban flash flooding and coastal flooding. And while there’s limited evidence for an increase in the frequency of major river floods, those that do happen are likely to be more damaging because much of the building that’s taken place over the last century has been in risky floodplain areas.

But even by his own words, Tom suggests that any flooding wouldn’t be because of climate change, but because people are simply stupid enough to live in the flood plains.

Way to go Tom Marshall. I couldn’t have said it better.

Words of warning to you Terry Marsh…..

Expect Us!

India Global Warming & Predictions

Recent Flooding In India Is Being Blamed On Global Warming,

but what about predictions from the past.


Here is the latest headline and excerpt about the flooding in India:

Climate change blamed for Sindh flooding 

Dr Qamar, who is also the lead author and architect of the country’s first Draft National Climate Change Policy, said Pakistan is heading for increased frequency and intensity of extreme weather events, which includes frequent floods and droughts.

“We need to adapt and plan for that,” he said and added, the formulation of Draft National Climate Change Policy is the first step in this direction.

He said the rains in Sindh are the highest ever recorded monsoon rains during the four weeks period. Before the start of these rains in the second week of August, Sindh was under severe drought conditions and it had not received any rainfall for the last 12 months.

The last severe rainfall flooding in Sindh occurred in July 2003, he said and added, but this time the devastating rains of 1150 mm in Mithi, Mirpurkhas 676 mm, Diplo 779 mm, Chachro 735 mm, N. Parker 792 mm, Nawabshah 547 mm, Badin 512 mm, Chhor 456 mm, Padidan 381 mm Hyderabad 249 mm etc during the four weeks period have created unprecedented flood situation in Sindh.

According to Dr. Qamar, the total volume of water fallen over Sindh during the four weeks is estimated to be above 37 million acre feet, “which is unimaginable.”

He said that the rainfall was predicted well in advance by Met Office and the disaster management agencies were well prepared.

I just love how predictions are now based on extreme events. Forget previous predictions. Lets just continue to blame climate change and use only frequency as an indicator for man-made involvement.

But before we just accept this new definition for CAGW, lets look at previous lame comments,  bogus studies, and  failed predictions by the media and scientists from just a few years ago.

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Who’s Payin Who ?

Who’s Payin Who?

UPDATE: No news is good news.
The winner James Fong  of the project called ‘Climate Agenda’ ,did not get to join the panel group at the Wheeler Center.

The web page that clarified that the winner would go to the New News Conference can be seen here but the Oursay website doesn’t have a link to get to that page now.

Having dug around, the only information regarding the New News Conference was by the Public Interest Journalism Foundation and the winner from the previous projects’ winner Kevin Rennie.

Having looked at the PIJF website, one gets the sense that the keynote speakers present, the members of the panel,  and the articles singling out climate skeptics failed to produce a head hunting job that the Fairfax Media Group attempted to undertake.

Instead, what we do know is, is there is only one article on the web that discusses the results of the project, and of course that is only the Fairfax Media Group paper(s). No other news reported on this propaganda that attempted to put climate skeptics in a sort of class as witches.

A ‘Climate Skeptic Witch Hunt Failure’ would be my headline’, but Fairfax CEO Greg Hywood at the moment is doing everything possible to put this behind him.

Otherwise, the article that started all of this,  “Who Is Funding Climate Change Skeptics?“, would have created a media storm if Mr. Hywood could have gotten away with manipulating the media.


So, No news is good news.


An interesting story(propaganda) is brewing down under.

On August 10th, 2011, Michael Bachelard  wrote, “Who Is Funding Climate Change Skeptics?

Here is an image of that article:

The Climate Agenda ?

The source of this article comes from OurSay.Org  . is hosting an online media event  called, “The Climate Agenda.”

In their words, they say:

“Worried about climate change? Furious about the carbon tax? Confused about the science? Walkley-award winning journalist Michael Bachelard will lead The Sunday Age team investigating the 10 most popular questions on OurSay which will be featured and updated on The Age’s Climate Agenda website.”

The website encourages its readers to post a question, then have others vote on it. The person who’s question has the most votes, gets to be part of a three member panel that will attempt to answer the question.

Later in the article, Michael Bachelard writes:

The top question so far, with more than 230 votes, listed by Jason Fong soon after the project opened on Sunday, asks:  ”The very point of Australia’s carbon tax is to reduce global warming. How much will reducing 5 per cent of Australia’s around 1.5 per cent contribution of global CO2 emissions reduce global temperature by?”

The second most popular question question asks The Sunday Age‘s reporters to find out who, if anyone, is funding prominent climate change ”sceptics” in the media, including Herald Sun columnist Andrew Bolt and Sydney radio broadcaster Alan Jones, and whether those people had a vested interest in maintaining ”the industrial status quo”.

While the top vote-getter was on topic about carbon tax and reducing emissions, the headline here is about the second most vote-getting question on who funds skeptics.

The very next day, Andrew Bolt, who is mentioned in the article, takes the article to task.

Andrew Bolt  blogged about  the top 5 vote-getting questions from OurSay.Org.

Andrew was mostly defending against this question/statement that he mentions as question 3(notice that the statement has moved from 2 to 3 now) on  his blog :

“There are some very vocal and seemingly influential climate change sceptics who have been given well supported platforms by some media organisations in Australia. 2GB’s broadcasting of Alan Jones and News Limited’s publishing of Andrew Bolt is a couple of examples that spring to mind. It appears that these media organisations have the goal of destroying the credibility of anyone who supports the science of and actions to mitigate the effects of human civilization’s influences on earth’s climate. Do these media organisations obtain funding from any corporate, organisational or individual entities with a vested interest in maintain the industrial status quo where unlimited greenhouse gas emissions are largely the norm?”
– Mark Dennis

To which Andrew responds, “The answer to question three is “no, no funding to influence the debate”. Indeed, the official policy of News Ltd(Rupert Murdock) is to “give the planet the benefit of the doubt”. But look at the sponsors, backers and designers of this Sunday Age project. Haven’t their funds and support influenced the Sunday Age’s coverage? Is this ethical?”

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Forced Openings

Glacier Nat’l Park  Bulldozes  Its Way To Record Opening

(A pictorial tale of bulldozers and bullshit)

Logan Pass June 2010

The above photograph was taken 9 days before Logan Pass opened on June 24th, 2010.  This and the following  images  for 2009 and 2011 show increasing snow accumulations. None of this had  been predicted. Instead, the 2007  predictions made by Dan Fagre, the NOROCK  global alarmist, from Glacier national Park, had predicted fewer snowfalls and earlier springs. We will get back to him in a minute.

But first, lets take a pictorial ride  through the lies and crap that become known as global warming.

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Good Old-Fashioned Fascist Thuggery

How’s this for a headine:

Philippine army intensifies info drive on illegal drugs, climate change

MALABANG, Lanao del Sur — An intensified information campaign on the ill-effects of drug abuse and climate change have been waged by the 51st Infantry Battalion of the Philippine Army within its area of responsibility (AOR) here.



Boy ! Nothing beats thuggery better than having your government tell it’s children that its standing army is there to protect them from drugs and climate change !


A war on drugs and climate change in the Philippines. This has to be the oddest news to date.

Further in the story we find what this is in reference to.

Lieutenant Colonel Ceasar Marlon Yadao, commander of 5IB said, “We want the people and the other government agencies in our AOR to know that 5IB is with them in the fight against illegal activities of some individuals, especially, on the illegal drugs trrade and anti-illegal logging.”

Later in the article he says,”The purpose of the said information drive is to encourage the youth to participate in the government massive campaign.”

So hold up a second. Anti-illegal logging is now also climate change. And what better way to encourage our youth, than get the army to address the high schools on how to fight against drugs and global warming.

Is that what we have come to. Comparing drugs to climate change?

And the Philippine army wants the school kids, in their area of responsibility, to know that they are with them in the fight over climate change.

Now there is one government I would hate to have to exhale in front of.

Up against the wall traitor. You have been found guilty of breathing !

FIRE ! ! ! ! !


Why So Serious?

Why So Serious?

I want to thank the Academy.....

Having spent many a day and night, seeking out the AGW camps around the web, I am constantly told how marginal my blog is, or some other negative comment about the blogging here at Climate For All.

I’ve never really considered how my blog can be used to attack my comments from other websites, so I thought I would at least attempt to put something on the record about what I think of this type of attack.

Because I don’t give a shit?


Many of the attacks in debating my understanding about global warming, has warmista’s attempting to debunk me because of my ‘marginalized stupidity’, or  ‘having noticed that even other skeptics avoid my website’, etc…

I am not persuaded to write what I write, based on whether or not you read my blog or comment to it.

It’s fine if you do and it’s fine if you don’t.

I only wish to encourage others to think for themselves.

My views that I make available are but a statement of my position on global warming. Period.

It is my way to let everyone know that I am not some anonymous blogger.

It also shows that I’m willing to research and investigate the science, rather than assume the science is ‘settled’.

I suppose if I wanted to, I could be more obliging and accommodating, but I really don’t have time to hold any ones hand.

And I think that those that think along those same lines understand that.

Sites like WUWT and CA and ICECAP can have all the glory and recognition for their exemplary work.

I just want it to be known for the record where I stand,  and not because I seek any ones approval.

I won’t win any popularity contests, that’s for sure.

Even amongst my  friends,  I have been  considered at times overbearing and abrasive.

But if the truth be know, I am genuinely beneficent. It’s not till after a time, that even the most skeptical of my friends were won over.

That’s not to say I don’t continue to be viewed as abrasive, it’s just I am better understood to be kindly to those closest to me, while leaving those beyond my realm of influence without  the luxury of that sensibility.

The science behind global warming, pro or con, is not for the weak-hearted. You show a moment of hesitation or doubt, and you have just become a casualty of the war.

Since, I do neither, all the alarmist has for his arsenal is to debunk my blog.

So to that, I say, so what?!

Hows that working out for ya?