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Following The Trail of Nonsense

Thames flooding isn’t rising, long-term records show!

Or  It’s Just A Shame We Can’t Hide The Decline…… Again !


Men of science that support ‘climate change’ use unethical and deceitful rhetoric in order to maintain the control and flow of money to support the biggest scam in the history of Western Civilization.

One man in particular is Terry Marsh.

In 1991, Terry Marsh supported this supposed fact from UK Groundwater:

“Another effect of climate change is likely to be rising sea levels. These may lead to the loss of groundwater resources in very low-lying coastal areas, as sea water can flow into the aquifers and mix with the fresh water.”

In 1997, Terry Marsh of the Institute of Hydrology, was quoted in the Independent (in regards to severe droughts) as saying:

“If you asked me whether I’d bet on it being climate change, then I would – because that doesn’t require me to be scientific. Our climate is inherently capricious, but lately it does seem to have been moving towards the extremes of its range.”

In 2008, The Environment Agency commissioned Terry Marsh, Lead Scientist at the Centre for Ecology & Hydrology (CEH) to publish findings regarding Climate Change. The CEH is a division of NERC( Natural Environmental Research Council), an annual billion dollar (annually) failed British government entity. The CEH published these findings, regarding climate change:

The key findings from this new research are:

  • Sea level rise in the Thames over the next century due to thermal expansion of the oceans, melting glaciers and polar ice is likely to be between 20cm and 90cm.
  • There remains much uncertainty over the contribution of polar ice melt to increasing sea level rise. At the extreme, it may cause sea level to rise by a total of up to 2 metres (including thermal expansion).
  • Climate change is less likely to increase storm surge height and frequency in the North Sea than previously thought.
  • Future peak freshwater flows for the Thames, at Kingston for instance, could increase by around 40% by 2080.

So what we have is Terry Marsh, supporting Climate Change, using extreme language in regards to sea level rise, polar ice melt and flooding. Marsh even went as far as saying that he could say that without even being scientific.

All the while being the lead scientific member of the CEH, a division of NERC that the British gov’t gives a billion dollars to annually. ANNUALLY !

Yet here we are in 2012 and the British media is turning away from Climate Change.

So it’s no wonder that Terry Marsh has changed his tune. quite possibly to save face and any funding his precious department receives.

In the March 6th Edition of PsyOrg.Com, Terry Marsh sounds like he is doing the Climate Change Two-Step. 

The Articles headline starts off with this message:

Events of the last few decades give the impression that major floods are becoming more common, but looking at the UK’s longest-running series of river-level measurements over 60 years or longer shows this isn’t the case.

Marsh went on to say:

“The records show that the frequency of river floods fluctuates over a long cycle. Looking over the past 30 or 40 years suggests flood risk is rising, but that’s largely because we’ve been in a flood-rich part of the cycle. Using a longer historical perspective, there is little evidence of any compelling long-term trend.”

There is no mention of climate change, there is no mention of, ‘Oh, i was wrong. I’m so sorry for lying to the public for 20 years.’ There is no mention of any alarming study.

For 20 years, Marsh supported the risks of floods and rising sea water in the UK as Climate Change Enhanced and got paid millions to do so.

Then as if none of what he supported matters, tells PhyOrg that the current trend, using over 100 year data, that the flow of water and sea level in the UK is a natural phenomena.

The only relevant wording to continue an alarming stance was the one by the author of the story, Tom Marshall. All Tom could muster was these words:

None of this is a reason to become complacent about the risk of floods. This research only covers those caused by overflowing rivers, and not other kinds such as urban flash flooding and coastal flooding. And while there’s limited evidence for an increase in the frequency of major river floods, those that do happen are likely to be more damaging because much of the building that’s taken place over the last century has been in risky floodplain areas.

But even by his own words, Tom suggests that any flooding wouldn’t be because of climate change, but because people are simply stupid enough to live in the flood plains.

Way to go Tom Marshall. I couldn’t have said it better.

Words of warning to you Terry Marsh…..

Expect Us!