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India Global Warming & Predictions

Recent Flooding In India Is Being Blamed On Global Warming,

but what about predictions from the past.


Here is the latest headline and excerpt about the flooding in India:

Climate change blamed for Sindh flooding 

Dr Qamar, who is also the lead author and architect of the country’s first Draft National Climate Change Policy, said Pakistan is heading for increased frequency and intensity of extreme weather events, which includes frequent floods and droughts.

“We need to adapt and plan for that,” he said and added, the formulation of Draft National Climate Change Policy is the first step in this direction.

He said the rains in Sindh are the highest ever recorded monsoon rains during the four weeks period. Before the start of these rains in the second week of August, Sindh was under severe drought conditions and it had not received any rainfall for the last 12 months.

The last severe rainfall flooding in Sindh occurred in July 2003, he said and added, but this time the devastating rains of 1150 mm in Mithi, Mirpurkhas 676 mm, Diplo 779 mm, Chachro 735 mm, N. Parker 792 mm, Nawabshah 547 mm, Badin 512 mm, Chhor 456 mm, Padidan 381 mm Hyderabad 249 mm etc during the four weeks period have created unprecedented flood situation in Sindh.

According to Dr. Qamar, the total volume of water fallen over Sindh during the four weeks is estimated to be above 37 million acre feet, “which is unimaginable.”

He said that the rainfall was predicted well in advance by Met Office and the disaster management agencies were well prepared.

I just love how predictions are now based on extreme events. Forget previous predictions. Lets just continue to blame climate change and use only frequency as an indicator for man-made involvement.

But before we just accept this new definition for CAGW, lets look at previous lame comments,  bogus studies, and  failed predictions by the media and scientists from just a few years ago.

A few months before the IPCC released its major report  in  2007 , the Economic Times had printed this news:

India working out moves to address climate change

“IPCC warned that global warming would impact India in many ways because of its long coastline and low latitudes. Drought, low precipitation, high temperatures and melting of glaciers are expected to be rampant. WMO has also said that Himalayan glaciers are among those already severely impacted by warming.”

Notice that climate change was called global warming. Also notice that drought and low precipitation is forecasted.  Floods wasn’t mentioned here and the now debunked theory of the Himalayan glaciers was also a staple of worry and hand-wringing in liberal media.

So we may understand this flip flopping on flood/drought will be extreme, let me express that the flooding that global warming predicts is from sea level rise, NOT rain along the coastlines. As it was written in the ET, the concern was its ‘long coastline and low latitudes’. The predictions for flooding was based on sea level rise… period.

This new generation of media spin is attempting to confuse the issue and rewrite how we look at weather events and blame ‘climate change’.

Major cities warned against sea-level rise

London – For the first time, a scientific study has identified the world’s low-lying coastal areas that are vulnerable to global warming and sea-level rise, and urged major cities from New York to Tokyo to wake up to the risk of being swamped by flooding and intense storms if nothing is done.

Once again, flooding from sea-level rise and the storms. No mention of monsoons.

And what about quote from Dr. Qamar saying,”rainfall was predicted well in advance by Met Office.”

Yeah, whatever.

Take a look at this:

Paddy area up but high rainfall causes flood concerns.

“Rainfall until September 10 reached 103% of the long-term average, much higher than the Met department’s June forecast of a below-normal monsoon (June through September) at 95%.”

Flooding was much higher than the Met forecast.

So once again, the Met Office can’t predict to save its life, yet still receives accolades from the press for ‘predicted well’ ?Egads!

And what about deaths. Liberal Mania Media also loves a death toll to surge readership and keep the global warming lie alive.

In 2007 2,200 people died in the monsoon’s annual 4 week period. This year……….180.

So of course, since the media can’t hype how climate change has caused rising deaths, they give the Met Office a pat on the back for a bogus claim that they predicted it.

Simply unbelievable.

And how is this quote in the IPS from Pachauri, the other Nobel Peace Prize winner for his collaboration with Al Gore in, ‘An Inconvenient Truth’:

India could be most seriously affected by scantier rainfall and by glacier melt in the Himalayas which supply the river systems on which agriculture depends, Pachauri said, adding that glacier melt could also seriously affect China.

Yeah, the same man that writes soft porn and was caught up in false predictions of Himalayan glaciers prematurely melting can be found giving more false proof of global warming in this article from the IPS in April of 2007.

I could go on and on and on, but I think this is ample proof that Dr. Qamar is talking out of the side of his freaking neck and the media is more than willing to print it for any unsuspecting soul unaware of the propaganda war that is being levied against them.


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