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Good Old-Fashioned Fascist Thuggery

How’s this for a headine:

Philippine army intensifies info drive on illegal drugs, climate change

MALABANG, Lanao del Sur — An intensified information campaign on the ill-effects of drug abuse and climate change have been waged by the 51st Infantry Battalion of the Philippine Army within its area of responsibility (AOR) here.



Boy ! Nothing beats thuggery better than having your government tell it’s children that its standing army is there to protect them from drugs and climate change !


A war on drugs and climate change in the Philippines. This has to be the oddest news to date.

Further in the story we find what this is in reference to.

Lieutenant Colonel Ceasar Marlon Yadao, commander of 5IB said, “We want the people and the other government agencies in our AOR to know that 5IB is with them in the fight against illegal activities of some individuals, especially, on the illegal drugs trrade and anti-illegal logging.”

Later in the article he says,”The purpose of the said information drive is to encourage the youth to participate in the government massive campaign.”

So hold up a second. Anti-illegal logging is now also climate change. And what better way to encourage our youth, than get the army to address the high schools on how to fight against drugs and global warming.

Is that what we have come to. Comparing drugs to climate change?

And the Philippine army wants the school kids, in their area of responsibility, to know that they are with them in the fight over climate change.

Now there is one government I would hate to have to exhale in front of.

Up against the wall traitor. You have been found guilty of breathing !

FIRE ! ! ! ! !



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