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What’s All The Beef About ?

If 100% of Americans went vegan, total GHG reduction would be less than 1% !?!?!?!?

The Environmental Work Group, a Greenpeace thinktank, wants you to become a vegetarian.

The EWG has this new report out called:

Meat Eaters Guide To Climate Change And Health

Here is their bottom line analysis regarding GHG’s:

According to EWG calculations, if everyone in the US went vegetarian and there was a corresponding reduction in meat production
of that same amount, it would be the equivalent of removing about  255 million metric tons of carbon from the atmosphere.

While total annual GHG emissions is nearly 30 Billion metric tons(EPA estimate), the percentage of reduction in annual GHG’s would be less than 1%.

This report doesn’t come out and say this. I had to go dig out the information in the reference section near the end to find it.

The report, written  by a policy analyst, not a scientist, uses real pretty graphs and fine language, but does everything to hid the fact that if Americans stopped eating meat, it barely puts a dent in total GHG emissions.

Go figure.



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