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You’re Kidding…. Right?!?!

How is this for a headline……

UK Minister Compares Inaction on Climate Change to Hitler Appeasement

By Peter Griffiths | July 22, 2011


Here is another article from the  U.K.’s Energy & Evironmental Management(EAEM) website:

The real story here really though is about the 30+ million(us) renewable heat  incentive program.

The conference, held at Chatham House, where  Huhne spoke, was really about money.

Here is a transcript of Huhne’s speech, in .pdf

In the latter half of the article from the EAEM, this was written:

You can find more about the program here at the U.K. Energy Savings Trust’s website.

I don’t see where there is really any incentive at all in the ground source heat pump. The total cost for installation nears 30k dollars, while the grant you may receive is less than 5% of total cost.

I really can’t see anyone opting for that renewable heat source. There is no incentive. Rumor has it that during the winter months, though it may still put out heat, you would have a hard time feeling it.

Another grant is available for a biomass boiler?

A wood stove? Really? The U.K. wants to encourage the practice of deforestation to lessen their independence on oil and gas.


The justification is that the burning of wood pellets is that it is considered carbon-neutral.

Sure.. Whatever. Really?

Forget the fact you are encouraging people to cut down trees, but the British Climate Change Minister is not just encouraging the production of Co2, but of black soot as well.

Let us not forget that the E.P.A. considers B.C.(Black Carbon), more harmful than Co2.

V. Ramanathan, a researcher at  the Scripps Institution of Oceanography at the University of California at San Diego, had this to say about the role of B.C. in global warming,

“In the atmosphere, black carbon aerosols are mixed with sulfates and organics and it is not straight forward to untangle the effect of black carbon from that of the mixed (black carbon and others) aerosol.  Thus most if not all of the published estimates of black carbon are derived from models.”

So, to put this in some perspective, Ramanathan is saying that the estimates of BC are derived from models.

The same models that are used to determine man-made global warming.

Go figure.

Environmentalists push an agenda to limit the amount of BC emitted by the fossil-fuel industry, but  Huhne wants to encourage home owners to cut down trees and pollute the air with black soot.

And the British Government will help pay for you to pollute, if you purchase a ‘renewable-energy’  pump or boiler, within 6 months.

You just can’t  make this stuff up.


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