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Alarmists Will Now Blame Pine Beetle For More Snowpack Melt, And Warming.

Only An Alarmist Could Make This Up

Evan Pugh, the led doctoral student on a paper called,  ‘The impact of pine beetle infestation on snow accumulation and melt in the headwaters of the Colorado River‘, was recently published in  Ecohydrology ‘.

The paper was  part of a article written Sunday, in the, called, “CU study: Pine beetles may affect snowpack, melt. Dead, gray trees allow more snow to collect beneath them.”

The article, written by Jim Scott, had this quote worth mentioning:

Water managers in Salt Lake City have reported extra water in river basins that hydrologic models had not predicted, Pugh said, an indication beetle-killed trees are having an impact on meltwater.

Of course it wasn’t predicted. Every environmentalist has been predicting less snowpack, due to global warming. Instead, over 90 sites have record snowpack for the month of June and areas that are suppose to be ice free aren’t. Instead of warmer temperatures and drought conditions, we have cooler temperatures and flood warnings throughout the western half of the country.

I can already see the headlines:

Pine Beetles Increase Threat Of Global Warming, Floods Imminent !

Isn’t that what’s really going on here.

There are flood warnings where there are not suppose to be flood warnings. We  have record snowpack in the month of June when there is not suppose to be snowpack.

And now it’s worse because of the pine beetle.

It’s not because of the record snow from the winter of ’10-’11, but because the pine beetle killed all the trees and forced all that snow to melt.

You have got to be  kidding me.

Water managers in Salt Lake City report extra water not predicted, and the pine beetle is the cause.



Good Freaking Day !








2 responses to “Alarmists Will Now Blame Pine Beetle For More Snowpack Melt, And Warming.

  1. 2hotel9 July 10, 2011 at 1:27 pm

    That will make them look more foolish thanusual, seeing as snow pack across the entire Northern Hemisphere is melting slower this year than it has for quiet some time. OH!!!! How stupid of me!!!!!!! Thinking that anvirobazis are concerned about reality. Never mind!

  2. 2hotel9 July 10, 2011 at 2:02 pm

    And forgive my egregious misspellings. It tends to happen when I am confronted with massive amounts of environazi stupidity. Which is just about every damned day.

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