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Animated Image of Nabro Eruption

Animated Image of Nabro Eruption

Airmass RGB animation of the Nabro eruption, from 00 UTC 13th June to 1900 UTC 14th June, 2011.

This is a pretty awesome animated image from IrishWeatherOnline .

Notice how the ash carries toward the Middle East and presumably into Western Europe.

Here is another image from Thurdays eruption of Nabro:

Image NASA/Modsis Thursday June 16th 2011

While this latest plume of ash is not nearly as large the last one a week ago, I’m sure its going to cause some fantastic sunsets for China and Russia tomorrow night. ~CFA


Ash Plumes and Chlorine Radicals

Ash Plumes and Chlorine Radicals

Southern Chile UPI/Miguel Angel Bustos

Ash plume analysis reveals surprising results

When the eruption of Iceland’s now infamous volcano Eyjafjallajökull brought an uncharacteristically peaceful silence to European flight paths in April 2010, the science world turned its attention to volcanic gas and its effects, and new European research reveals some surprising facts about the ash plume.

The research, conducted by a team from the Max Planck Institute for Chemistry in Mainz, Germany, found that the ash plume contained not only the common volcanic gas sulfur dioxide, but also free chlorine radicals. Chlorine radicals are extremely reactive and even tiny amounts that can have a profound impact on local atmospheric chemistry.

The findings, published in the journal Geophysical Research Letters, present the evidence of volcanic plume chlorine radical chemistry, which allowed the team to make calculations of chlorine radical concentrations.

Although it has long been known that when volcanoes erupt they emit chlorine-containing gases, until now there was no evidence that highly reactive chlorine radicals were also present.

This kind of evidence can surely turn known science on its head. Ozone depleting particles in ash plumes. Bet NASA didn’t see that coming.

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Alarmists Will Now Blame Pine Beetle For More Snowpack Melt, And Warming.

Only An Alarmist Could Make This Up

Evan Pugh, the led doctoral student on a paper called,  ‘The impact of pine beetle infestation on snow accumulation and melt in the headwaters of the Colorado River‘, was recently published in  Ecohydrology ‘.

The paper was  part of a article written Sunday, in the, called, “CU study: Pine beetles may affect snowpack, melt. Dead, gray trees allow more snow to collect beneath them.”

The article, written by Jim Scott, had this quote worth mentioning:

Water managers in Salt Lake City have reported extra water in river basins that hydrologic models had not predicted, Pugh said, an indication beetle-killed trees are having an impact on meltwater.

Of course it wasn’t predicted. Every environmentalist has been predicting less snowpack, due to global warming. Instead, over 90 sites have record snowpack for the month of June and areas that are suppose to be ice free aren’t. Instead of warmer temperatures and drought conditions, we have cooler temperatures and flood warnings throughout the western half of the country.

I can already see the headlines:

Pine Beetles Increase Threat Of Global Warming, Floods Imminent !

Isn’t that what’s really going on here.

There are flood warnings where there are not suppose to be flood warnings. We  have record snowpack in the month of June when there is not suppose to be snowpack.

And now it’s worse because of the pine beetle.

It’s not because of the record snow from the winter of ’10-’11, but because the pine beetle killed all the trees and forced all that snow to melt.

You have got to be  kidding me.

Water managers in Salt Lake City report extra water not predicted, and the pine beetle is the cause.



Good Freaking Day !







The IPCC, Droughts and Floods, Then And Now

How The Media Muddles Thru In The Face Of Denial

On June 8th, a staff writer for the San Fransisco Chronicle, had an article published about the concerns of summer floods:

Record Calif. snowpack raises summer flood fear

Peter Fimrite, Chronicle Staff Writer

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

“More snow than has ever been recorded this close to summer is blanketing Donner Summit, creating a potentially dangerous situation when the snow begins to melt, hydrology experts said Tuesday.”

The article continued with another snippet worth mentioning:

“In a normal winter, you see the entire snowpack melt in May and there is no snow left on the ground by June 1,” Pechner said. “In this case, we still have well over 6 feet of snow still on the ground.”

But the eye-popper comes near the end of the article when Fimrite writes:

“Most meteorologists are reluctant to ascribe a cause to the unusual weather, but Pechner said there is only one logical explanation for the record number of tornadoes in the South and Northeast, the heat waves across the globe and the mercurial conditions seemingly everywhere.”

To which Pechner, a meteorologist  from the Bay Area, responds saying, “I think it’s climate change.”

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