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April Records of Coldest, Wettest, Snowiest Months

Something To Think About While MSM Embroils Us

With Global Warming Hysteria

April Records of Coldest, Wettest, Snowiest, Etc.

  • Seattle sets a record for coldest April on record

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  • Maple crop could be NH record

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  • Weekend to warm up after coldest April in over half a century

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  • Coldest April in Shimla in a decade

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  • April Record for Wettest, Coldest Month Since 1984

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  • We’re on pace for the coldest April ever. Reports of snow in Maple Ridge and Aldergrove this morning

Read more:–we-re-on-pace-for-the-coldest-april-ever

  • Month into spring, Chicago sets a snow record

Read more:,0,4754585.story

  • April breaks record for local snowfall with more than 4 feet

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  • Lingering snow delays opening of some Glacier National Park facilities

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  • La Nina brings flood risks and drought to the West

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  • Tennessee Gov. has asked President to declare 15 counties as federal disaster areas due to record flooding of the Mississippi.

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And the hits just keep on coming….


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