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On The Front Lines of Climate-Gate

Climate-Gate: News From The Front Lines.

While most of Main Stream Media would like to suggest to you that Climategate is behind us, some interesting new articles are making their way on the web.

Environmental shock and awe


Ted Lapkin

It was just a little too convenient. A little bit too self-serving. An internally commissioned investigation into the ‘Climate-gate’ scandal at the University of East Anglia that exonerated the alleged malefactors, despite evidence indicating serious impropriety.

I originally assumed that the whitewash – or should I say greenwash? – of the university’s Climactic Research Unit was the product of simple ideological bias. After all, the chairman of the Scientific Assessment Panel, Lord Ronald Oxburgh, is himself an outspoken global warming activist.

But then the plot thickened…..

Lobbyists who cleared ‘Climategate’ academics funded by taxpayers and the BBC

A shadowy lobby group which pushes the case that global warming is a real threat is being funded by the taxpayer and assisted by the BBC.

By Jason Lewis, Investigations Editor 9:00PM BST 23 Apr 2011

The little-known not-for-profit company works behind the scenes at international conferences to further its aims.

One of its key supporters headed the official investigation into the so-called “Climategate emails”, producing a report which cleared experts of deliberately attempting to skew scientific results to confirm that global warming was a real threat.

Another scientific expert linked to the group came forward to praise a second independent investigation into the Climategate affair which also exonerated researchers.

Set up with the backing of Tony Blair, then the Prime Minister, and run by a group of British MPs and peers the organisation, Globe International, started life as an All Party Group based in the House of Commons.

It is now run as an international climate change lobbying group flying its supporters and experts club class to international summits to push its agenda….

Many have already commented on those websites. So, for those that thought this kind of news would go away, seeing over 300 comments at both of these websites suggests that this far from being a non-story.

To give you an idea why Lord Ronald Oxburgh should never had been on that panel, becomes quite clear when we see the associations with whom partnered with GLOBE, whom Oxburgh is associated with:


  • The Senate & Congress of Mexico
  • The National People’s Congress of China


  • The European Union
  • The Government of the United Kingdom
  • The Government of Japan
  • The Government of Denmark

International Bodies:

  • The World Bank
  • The Global Environment Facility
  • The United Nations Environment Programme


  • The Zennström Philanthropies

It is seeing that makes one believe. How can there have been a unbiased investigation, when the commissioner of that investigation represents financial institutions and governments and himself, that would profit financially from the desired decision he would make from those investigations.

Enjoy !


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