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Sea Level Rise

Sea Level Predictions

Doomsday scenarios, would-be disasters, tipping points, and other prognostications from your average ordinary climate change alarmists are in full bloom this year.  Currently, sea level rise is taking a beating in the media and I thought to soften the blow, I would follow up on a comment I had made on WUWT about a month ago.

In the January, 1953 issue of Popular Science, I found this little nugget of information:

Dr. George F. Carter was quoted as saying, “Sea level the whole world over is five inches higher. Because this is the tail end of a glacial period, polar ice is melting and filling up the oceans. Future harbor works should be planned for an expected sea level rise of 24 inches within the next century.”

Now, this comment, given by Dr. Carter over 50 years ago, was printed in the editors column of Popular Science, and made very little headlines anywhere else. What I do find significant about this prediction is how this quote made in 1953, is in fact a prediction on sea level rise that is higher than the predictions made by the I.P.C.C. in AR4 some 55 years later.

Keep in mind that Dr. Carter was basing his predictions on science and natural occurrences, not global warming or modeling.

To illustrate what I mean, here is a graph represented by Early Warning :

You will notice that the highest marks by the AR4 are lower than the quote made by Dr. Carter 50 some odd years earlier, just under 60 centimeters. Which is just a little under 24 inches. Also in the above graph, the new predictions for sea level rise are nearly double or triple of the previous predictions made by the I.P.C.C., in the AR4.

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Alpine Glaciers – Who Got It Right ?

Here is a headline that we all have become conditioned to:

Alpine Glaciers gone by 2050 !

Due to mans impact on climate change.

Here is a headline that I would like to suggest to the alarmists:

Global Alarmists Are Full of It !

Due to careful research of the past.

John Tyndall (2 August 1820 – 4 December 1893) was a prominent 19th century physicist and glaciologist . Tyndall, in an article from Popular Science, was quoted as saying that the ice of the alps “derives its origin from the heat of the sun.” The article continued, ” that if that were diminished, their source of supply would be cut off.”

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