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A New Ice Age May Bury Us

Popular Science

June 1929 Issue

This is a story I found while attempting to search for a picture that Anthony Watts, at Watts Up With That, was requesting regarding a piece of coal. Though I never found that picture, it lead to me to find several other interesting subjects. Such as this story about an impending ice age.

Though the story here from Popular Science, isn’t very specific, or the facts very reliable, it does suggest that the concept or idea of carbon dioxide playing an integral role in climate has been around for some time.

I make mention of this, because it has been suggested by those of a unfailing belief in global warming, that scientists have been in agreement that CO2 has  been considered as a warming signal for centuries. Well, as for centuries, I beg to differ. This article alone suggests that scientists weren’t in agreement not 80 years ago.

Also, this story suggests that media and journalism have always pushed some slant that would answer questions of the time. In the late ’20s and early ’30s of the northern hemisphere, cooling patterns could not be ignored.

The Sun had just undergone a solar minimum and temperatures were plummeting.  Solar physicists were making comments of the cooling events taking place, regarding increase in arctic sea ice increase, expansion of glaciers and drops in sea ice level. While much had been speculated as to the cause of the cooling temperatures, the scientists of the time were ready to blame  CO2 and its variations just as readily as  solar phenomena.

So while this story might not hold much significance or understanding into the dialog of todays growing rhetoric regarding climate change, I do believe that it suggests that the printed word of the day held just as much sway over public opinion, much like today, regarding that rather elusive and misunderstood element, known as carbon dioxide.


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