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The Inconvenience of History

What Alarmists Fail to Mention

CO2 can take care of itself.

Molecular Structure of H2CO3

Much has been written about the subject of carbon dioxide and the disaster that it will bring if too much of it is released or stored in the atmosphere.

Some of what has been said about an increase in CO2 goes as follows:

  • Erosions of coastlines and islands due to rising sea levels.
  • Rising temperatures from man-made increases of CO2.
  • Arctic sea ice to withdraw and disappear by the middle of this century.
  • Increase in Hurricanes and Tornadoes.
  • Ad Nauseam. (This Latin phrase comes from a term in logic, the argumentum ad nauseam, in which debaters wear out the opposition by just repeating arguments until they get sick of the whole thing and give in.)

What I would like to provide to my readers is a little history of what the leaders of anthropogenic global warming omit from their discoveries and how it may impact your decision regarding climate change.
In the July, 1901 issue of Popular Science, Bailey Willis of the U.S. Geological Survey, wrote an article called, “Climate and Carbonic Acid”.
Much of what is written in this article is still considered fundamentally sound in todays colleges and institutions. A major contributor to the facts supplied in this paper comes from Professor T.C. Chamberlin
(1843-1928), University of Chicago.

Here are some visual excerpts from that article:

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A New Ice Age May Bury Us

Popular Science

June 1929 Issue

This is a story I found while attempting to search for a picture that Anthony Watts, at Watts Up With That, was requesting regarding a piece of coal. Though I never found that picture, it lead to me to find several other interesting subjects. Such as this story about an impending ice age.

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