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Recent Gallop Poll Suggests….

In a recent poll by Gallop, an increased number of Americans believe that man-made global warming is exaggerated.

Lydia Saad reported that, “Although a majority of Americans believe the seriousness of global warming is either correctly portrayed in the news or underestimated, a record-high 41% now say it is exaggerated. This represents the highest level of public skepticism about mainstream reporting on global warming seen in more than a decade of Gallup polling on the subject.”
If mainstream media actually reported on the news and not just report only on news that supports its agenda, maybe the polls wouldn’t reflect the skepticism directed at them.
To give an example of mainstream media and the exaggerations they are guilty of, News Busters own Noel Sheppard, posted an article back on Feb. 16th of this year called,
This story reveals how mainstream media turns its back on certain issues. Or as Neil wrote,’boycott’.
While I’ve never put much faith in either polls or mainstream media, certain elements stand out and should be addressed.
These elements are:
  • Americans have been told there is no debate.
  • Many stories are not reported.
  • MSM only reports what MSM wants you to know.
  • Skepticism is on the rise, despite the media’s effort to control the facts.
Americans and the rest of the world don’t have to be skeptics to draw ire from this story. Stories like this one and many others like it, suggest MSM is running a propaganda machine ran by environmental efforts beyond what we know and see. If there was no debate on the subject of global warming, why would there by any need to divert our attention from headline news, like Phil Jones admission of no warming since 1995.
The poll conducted by Gallop reveals Americans are not buying these stories from MSM and I believe it’s our American duty to do more than just admit there is problem with MSM.
If you have any suggestions regarding how Americans can fight back against MSM, please, leave a comment.
D. Alan


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