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What Alarmists Are Saying

So, I found this little gem today while going thru my daily search routines.

Coral reefs will dissolve within 100 years in acidic seas, say marine experts

By David Derbyshire In San Diego
Last updated at 10:37 AM on 23rd February 2010

The world’s most stunning coral reefs will have dissolved within 100 years, a new study claims.

Scientists say rising levels of acid in the seas and warmer ocean temperatures are wiping out the spectacular reefs enjoyed by millions of divers, tourists and wildlife lovers.

The destruction would also be a disaster for tropical fish and marine life which use coral reefs as nurseries and feeding grounds.

Dr Jacob Silverman, from the Carnegie Institution in Washington said rising levels of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere were making seas more acidic.

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Hello world!

Welcome to my new blog. I have recently decided to start a collection of posts regarding the science of climate.

Continue to come back as I will attempt to enlighten the masses. 🙂